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The whole title is bursting at the seams with over-the-top stylish madness GamesTM

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  • Joestar Jonathan
  • Zeppeli Will A.
  • Brando Dio
  • Joestar Joseph
  • Anthonio Zeppeli Caesar
  •  Wamuu
  •  Esidisi
  •  Kars
  •  LisaLisa
  • Kujo Jotaro
  • Avdol Mohammed
  • Kakyoin Noriaki
  • Eiffel Jean Pierre
  • Horse Hol
  •  DIO
  •  Iggy
  • Joestar Old Joseph
  • Ice Cool
  • Higashikata Josuke
  • Nijimura Okuyasu
  • Hirose Koichi
  • Kishibe Rohan
  • Otoishi Akira
  • Kawajiri Kosaku
  • Kira Yoshikage
  • Yangu Shigekiyo
  • Giovanna Giorno
  • Bucciarati Bruno
  • Mista Guido
  • Ghirga Narancia
  •  Diavolo
  • Fugo Pannacotta
  • Cujoh Jolyne
  • Costello Ermes
  • Pucchi Father
  • Anastasia Narc
  • Joestar Johnny
  • Zeppeli Gyro
  • Valentine Funny
  • Higashikata 8 Josuke
  • Ikuro Hashizawa Baoh




An English gentleman with pure soul The main protagonist of Part 1. The only son of a rich aristocrat, he lost his mother in an accident and was brought up by his strict but loving father. As a student, he played rugby and studied archeology. He has a very strong sense of justice and does not shun pain to act according to his beliefs. He's the same age as his adopted brother, Dio Brando.

Will A.



Hamon master who entrusts the future to Jonathan This powerful Hamon user taught Jonathan the Hamon breathing technique. He was born to a family of scholars and became one himself. A terrible incident which took place after his team discovered the Stone Mask in Aztec ruins lead him to learn the Hamon technique in Tibet. His master foretold him a dreadful end to his life. Will Zeppeli went searching for the mask with the intention of destroying it.




Charismatic villain Clever and cruel. After his father's death, he was adopted by English aristocrats, the Joestar family. He tried to seize their wealth for himself, but his plans were thwarted. His true nature exposed, he put on the Stone Mask and became an immortal vampire. He treats humans as mere food. He aims to take control of the whole world with the army of zombies he created.




Destined to confront the Stone Mask's power The main protagonist of Part 2. Although his most hated word is "effort", he surprisingly has a strong sense of justice and cares about his friends. He excels at predicting his opponent's moves. Although he was a self-taught Hamon user, his skills truly flourished only after being tutored by the Hamon master, Lisa Lisa.


Anthonio Zeppeli


Hot-blooded member of the proud Zeppeli family Grandson of Will A. Zeppeli. As he acts a bit smug and unapproachable, he initially did not get along with Joseph, but they became best friends in the course of studying Hamon under Lisa Lisa's tutorage. His sense of pride as a Zeppeli awoke when he found out his father was fighting the Pillar Men. His special skill is Bubble Launcher - a move where he launches Hamon-charged soap bubbles.



Genius warrior with a sense of honour One of the Pillar Men, probably about 12,000 years old. He's a born warrior, fulfilling himself in battle. Wamuu fights using the Wind Mode. His Holy Sandstorm is an overwhelmingly powerful move where he rotates his arms so fast that it creates very destructive vacuum.



Proud warrior of flames One of the Pillar Men. He and Kars embarked on a journey to find the Red Stone of Aja over 12,000 years ago. He gets furious easily and cries violently to calm himself down. His Mode uses fire, earning him the name Esidisi of the Flame.



Brutal but brilliant sudden attacks The leader of the Pillar Men. He believed that the aim justifies the means as he sought the Red Stone of Aja in order to become the ultimate life form. His Light Mode enables the use of blades made of light, Shining Sabres. His physical power and abilities are out of this world. He's also the most intelligent of the Pillar Men.



DLC available on 14th May 2014 - The beautiful protector of the Red Stone Raised by Straizo, she became an able Hamon user and a teacher to Joseph and Caesar. In the fist part of the series, her father was killed during the battle between Jonathan Joestar and Dio, and she was saved by Jonathan's wife, Erina. She was the keeper of the Red Stone of Aja that the Pillar Men were after.




The quiet paragon of honour and justice The main protagonist of Part 3. Joseph Joestar's grandson, a high school student. Following DIO's revival, he discovered his Stand abilities at the age of 17. Although he may appear detached and disinterested, he's passionate and intense. His most famous phrase is "What a pain."




A fortune teller with unwavering determination A friend of Joseph Joestar from Cairo, Egypt, working as a fortune teller. He's been able to use a Stand since birth. He's very serious and can sometimes be too obstinate.




Banishing evil with his newly met friend Born Stand user. Sent by DIO as an assassin, he transferred to Jotaro's high school. He's polite, reserved and has a cold personality. With plenty of insight, he has no trouble reading his opponents' tactics and deducing their abilities.

Jean Pierre



Fighting for his friends and sister Born Stand user from France. Sent by DIO as an assassin, he once attacked Jotaro. Jean Pierre gets carried away easily, which is a trait that often gets him into trouble. He's searching for the Stand user who brutally killed his sister.




Revolver-wielding ladies' man A professional assassin. Although he's working for DIO, he once tried to take his life. He's one of the seven assassins sent by Enya the Hag. He seems to have girlfriends in every part of the world.



The evil emperor returns Evil and charismatic DIO, an immortal vampire, makes his return. It seemed that Jonathan Joestar defeated him in Part 1, but DIO took over Jonathan's body and not only managed to survive that way, but also obtained the ability to use a Stand. He can still damage his opponents and restore some of his HP with the Vampirism skill.



DLC available on 28th May 2014 - A highly intelligent stray dog pack leader Unusually smart pedigree Boston Terrier. Originally kept as a pet by a rich family, Iggy looked down on his masters and one day left their house to become the pack leader of New York stray dogs. He has a twisted character and never does what people tell him to. He likes to fart while chewing on people's hair.

Old Joseph



DLC available on 14th May 2014 - A familiar hero returns, older but even more popular! Joseph, the protagonist of Part 2, returns at the age of 69. He's Jotaro Kujo's granddad. DIO's revival after 100 years resulted in Joseph obtaining a Stand. His daughter has also been affected by DIO's influence, but her Stand powers put her life in danger. Joseph, together with Jotaro, sets out on a journey to find and kill DIO, thus saving his daughter. Despite his age, Joseph has his wits about him and takes pride in his cunning.




DLC available on 21st May 2014 - DIO's fanatic follower Cool Ice is a loyal aide to DIO. He cut his own throat to prove his loyalty, which impressed DIO so much that he gave Cool Ice some of his blood, bringing him back to life as a vampire.




A gentle-spirited Stand user The main protagonist of Part 4. He lives in Morioh Town with his mother and granddad, a policeman. He attends a local high school as a first-year student. He's normally a kind-hearted, gentle person, but his personality does a U-turn when someone jokes about his hair. His father is Joseph Joestar, meaning that Josuke is actually an uncle to Jotaro.




Hot-headed and uncomplicated He first fought Josuke together with his brother, but had a change of heart after Josuke saved him and they became best friends ever since. Okuyasu hates thinking too deeply about things, and acts based on his emotions. Decision-making isn't his strongest side either.




His personality evolves together with his Stand Josuke's classmate who became a Stand user after being shot with the Stand-giving arrow by Okuyasu's older brother, Keicho Nijimura. He wasn't very brave at the start, but grew as a person in the course of battles against other Stand users, so that his friends could rely on him.




Popular manga artist A popular manga artist living in Morioh Town. His first big hit was a manga he wrote at the age of 16, which was serialised in a weekly manga magazine. He is a true-born artist and will go to great lengths to find inspiration for his manga, even if it means putting him at a disadvantage.



音石 明

He dreams of becoming an ultra-cool guitarist He became a Stand user after being shot with the Stand-giving arrow by Keicho Nijimura. He killed Keicho and took his bow and arrow, creating more Stand users with it. This 19-year-old star guitarist wannabe expresses his anger and rage through the melodies he plays.



川尻 浩作

Killer's assumed identity Yoshikage Kira killed the real Kosaku Kawajiri and assumed his identity. Yoshikage, posing as Kosaku, can of course still use his Stand, Deadly Queen, which turns any object touched into an explosive. When cornered, he uses Bite the Dust, a tertiary explosive, to kill those that found out about his true identity and to rewind the time.




He lives to kill Although he appears to be just another office worker and wants to lead a simple life, he was born with the urge to kill people, and so he seeks out and murders women with beautiful hands. He hates any disturbances to his life.




A naive miser Second year student at Budougaoka High. His friends call him Shigechi. Josuke and Okuyasu noticed him using his Stand, Harvest, to collect lost coins across the entire town. They quickly became friends. Although Shigechi is very greedy and cunning when money is involved, there's something about him that makes others look out for him.




Aims for his dreams with an unwavering resolve The protagonist of part 5 and son of Dio. A young man with dreams of becoming a gangster. In order to overthrow the leader of the Passione mafia, he joins up under Buccellati .




A team leader with a hidden resolve A top member of the Passione mafia, he leads his team with a calm decisiveness, and commands a great deal of trust from his members. He will not hesitate to make sacrifices in the pursuit of his convictions.




He will just keep living A subordinate of Buccellati. The mood-maker of the team, his creed is to just keep on living. He uses the Stand, Six Bullets. He has an intense hatred of all things relating to the number 4, and when the number 4 crops up, he'll it as an omen and lose confidence.




He is determined to protect his companions A subordinate of Buccellati. At a glance his simple-mindedness may not inspire much confidence, but he's prepared to do what it takes to protect Buccellati and his companions, no matter the danger, and without a moment's hesitation.



A man who seeks the pinnacle of immortality The leader of the Passione mafia. He won't allow anything to threaten his immortality. He has several alternate identities to ensure that no one knows he's the true boss. He mostly lives as his alter-ego Doppio, a timid and indecisive young man filled with adoration for the boss of Passione.




DLC available on 21st May 2014 - A hotheaded gentlemen, and a genius with an IQ of 152 Working under Buccellati, his 152 IQ ensures that he's the team brain. He's normally gentlemanly, but his short temper leads him to commit violent acts, eventually leading to him joining the gang. One of his roles is teaching fellow gang-member Narancia. Unable to see the logic in Buccellati's betrayal of the organization, he leaves the team.




The series' first female protagonist The protagonist of part 6. Daughter of Jotaro Kujo, and great granddaughter of Joseph Joestar. Set up by her boyfriend and a corrupt lawyer, she was falsely convicted of a hit-and-run accident and sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison. She wasn't born with a Stand, but received her Stand from an amulet given to her by her father.




A cheerful face hides her desire for revenge She was sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison for an armed robbery she committed while seeking revenge against the person who murdered her sister. She became acquainted with Jolyne Cujoh in the police holding cell prior to being transferred to the prison, and received the ability to use a Stand as a result of picking up an amulet discarded by Jolyne.




His actions are those of a just man Head priest of Green Dolphin Street Prison. He loves prime numbers, and in times of turmoil will recite primes to calm himself down. Caught up in the motions of fate, perhaps at odds with his gentle demeanor, he will willingly sacrifice others in order to serve his goals. He reveres his friend Dio.




DLC available on 21st May 2014 - A psychotic murderer with a passion for analyzing After "analyzing" the woman he was dating and the person she was cheating on him with, he was sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Though a cold-hearted and dangerous individual, he is in love with Jolyne and so he works together with her.




For hope's guiding light A protagonist in part 7. He's a 19-year old American. He's a top class rider, but as his fame grew, so did his arrogance, leading him to cause trouble and eventually resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down. He meets Gyro Zeppeli, a competitor in the Steel Ball Run race, and the residual waves from Gyro's spinning steel ball allow Johnny to move his legs slightly and in pursuit of that secret, he enters the race with the old horse Slow Dancer.




The saintly executioner A protagonist in part 7. A magistrate from the Kingdom of Naples, he's the oldest son of the Zeppeli household, a family of legendary executioners. He's competing in the race with his horse Valkyrie in order to receive amnesty for a young shoe-shiner named Marco who has been sentenced to execution.




Make America the heart of the world! The 23rd president of the United States of America. He is using the Steel Ball Run race as a pretext for his true goal: recovering the Holy Corpse. He intends to use the power that lies within the Holy Corpse—the power to avoid harm—in order to make the United States the centre of the entire world. Johnny and Gyro find the remains, and President Valentine dispatches various assassins to recover the Corpse for himself.


Higashikata 8


The protagonist in part 8 He was discovered by Yasuho Hirose buried in the ground near the Wall Eyes--bulging protuberances that suddenly appeared following a huge Earthquake in Morioh Town. He doesn't have any memories prior to being discovered, including his own name. He was taken in by Joshu Higashikata's family, and thus took on the name Josuke Higashikata.


Ikuro Hashizawa


DLC available on 14th May 2014 - A mere touch from him means death! A young boy infected by the powerful Baoh biological weapon created by the secret Doress Group. An accident during transportation leads to Ikurou escaping for his life along with Sumire, a girl with precognitive abilities captured by the Doress Group. When the Baoh Parasite is attacked, it takes over its host's consciousness and covers its body in invincible armor by means of the Bao Armed Phenomenon.

Spectacular Attacks

Just like in the original Manga, astonishing attacks can be striked! Take advantage of your opponent with the Heart Heat Attack and Great Heat Attack! The first one, the HHA, is a Special Attack taking each character’s ability to its paroxysm; striking it will cost the player one Heart Heat Gauge (filled while the players are fighting)! The second one, the GHA, is an Ultimate Attack mastered by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle fighters! Blasting it will cost the player two Heart Heat Gauges and will cause deadly damages to the opponent while the screen gets fully covered with colorful effects!

Campaign Mode

Earn more gold by playing the Campaign Mode! The Campaign Energy Recovery timings have been reduced to 2 minutes, what are you waiting for to take on those face-offs?!

Arcade Mode

The new Arcade Mode lets you fight a series of eight AI controlled opponents in order to win gold! On rare occasions, the Arcade Mode icon will switch to Harvest when connected online. During the Harvest, you will be able to win even more gold from playing the Arcade Mode. Spend gold for hints and single-use items to help them out in the midst of battle!

Are you ready for this challenge?!

Online Mode

Who is gonna be the best player worldwide? Take down opponents from all over the world in epic 1-on-1 bouts!

Apr 25, 2014


Get ready for the most stylish fighting game ever made!

BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S announced today that JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE is available across Europe

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Save the date - the game and its pre-orders are coming!
Feb 27, 2014

Save the date - the game and its pre-orders are coming!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe confirmed today that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle will be coming to Europe and Australasia on 25th April 2014.
JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE fans will be getting

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A Golden Wind blasts over the game!
Dec 20, 2013

A Golden Wind blasts over the game!

New assets and features for the 5th Chapter!

Developed by the Japanese studio CyberConnect 2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is coming to Europe and Australasia in spring 2014 and prom

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NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announces the game for Europe & Australasia
Sep 19, 2013

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announces the game for Europe & Australasia

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure breaks down in Europe & Australasia!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S announces today that one of the best-selling manga ever; JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE will be reach

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Demo Now Available!
Apr 09, 2014

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Demo Now Available!

The demo for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is now downloadable via the PlayStation®Network.

The demo includes:
Arcade Mode
o 3 Playable Cha

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A Steel Ball runs over the game!
Feb 07, 2014

A Steel Ball runs over the game!

Stylish fights, colorful effects, original Stands and a high skill-cap fighting game: this is what awaits JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE fans!

Developed by CyberConnect 2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A

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More Information about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle
Nov 29, 2013

More Information about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is coming to Europe and Australasia on Spring 2014 and will offer to all Manga & Fighting-Games fans hours of fun and epic battles. The gam

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A lion roars over the All-Star Battle!
Mar 26, 2014

A lion roars over the All-Star Battle!

Developed by the acclaimed Japanese studio CyberConnect 2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is coming to Europe and Australasia on 25th April 2014 and will offer to all Man

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EMEA version of the game gets a new arcade mode and much more!
Jan 31, 2014

EMEA version of the game gets a new arcade mode and much more!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S announced today that JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE will be getting an Arcade Mode, Day 1 patch, a fix lowering the waiting time in Campaign Mode and much

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NAMCO BANDAI GAMES Europe reveals new details about the game!
Nov 04, 2013

NAMCO BANDAI GAMES Europe reveals new details about the game!

Board the hype train in Spring 2014!
After announcing that the acclaimed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle will be coming to European & Australasian territories in Spring 2014, NAMCO BA

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